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What is Evergreen Wealth Formula?

In a nutshell, the Evergreen Wealth Formula is an affiliate marketing training course

In the course, it teaches you how to create your own affiliate sites and how to generate traffic using automated methods.

You are essentially creating a site that will be earning you money while you sleep.

You will have to go through a setting up process before making an income with the Evergreen Wealth Formula.

This can take anywhere upto a week or so depending on your experience

That’s right; all you will need to do is copy and paste everything to your site.

To those who detest the long and rigorous process of content creation, this is excellent news.

Imagine never having to write all those lengthy articles. This could save you a lot of time and money–for those who choose to buy the content instead.

What’s Inside The Evergreen Wealth Formula?

As of writing this Evergreen Wealth Formula review, there is 6 training modules. Each offering a wealth of detailed and actionable information that will take you through the A-Z of affiliate marketing.

They are;

1. Module 1: Setup

This first module will walk you through the process on setting up your own marketing funnel and monetising it with affiliate offers.

2. Module 2: Site setup

In this module, you’ll be shown how to setup your own site from scratch and populate it with high quality content designed to turn cold visitors into satisfied customers.

The site itself only takes a few seconds to setup and all the content is written for you. All you do is copy and paste it like James shows you in the training.

3. Module 3: Automate and scale

This part of the course will teach you how to setup your Automated Traffic Streams so you can start driving traffic and make sales

4. Module 4: Automate and scale part 2

In module 4, James teaches you an even more powerful automated traffic method you can use to drive even more traffic that you can scale up over time to generate even more sales.

5. Fast traffic methods

As the name suggests, this module teaches you how to generate traffic really fast so you can potentially start making sales the same day implementing these traffic methods.

6. Bonus

More an unadvertised bonus than an actual module, but you’ll find additional courses that will show you other ways of making money and getting traffic.

You can use these individually or combine them with the Evergreen Wealth Formula to make even more money.

Why You Should Get The Evergreen Wealth Formula

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review

Evergreen Wealth Formula

1. Beginner friendly

One thing I liked while doing my Evergreen Wealth Formula review is how “step by step” the entire program is.

The methods it teaches are actionable and easy to replicate. This makes it a perfect course for beginners who are trying their hand at internet marketing.

However, the course is still packed with useful information that can benefit intermediaries and advanced users as well.

2. Excellent support

There is nothing worse than an online training course that offers no support after purchase.

Fortunately, James does not make this mistake. The Evergreen Wealth Formula provides email support, allowing you to contact James personally.

I emailed James a few times while doing my Evergreen Wealth Formula review and his replies was very fast, so expect a response after a few hours or even minutes!

3. No content creation required

Most internet marketers agree that content creation is the most time-consuming process in affiliate marketing.

You often have to write long articles and create high-quality videos among other things. Frankly, not everybody is patient enough to handle this part of the job.

Luckily, you can skip this tedious process with Evergreen Wealth Formula. James has basically created all the content for you. You can choose to edit the content or use it as it’s given.

4. Affordable

Evergreen Wealth Formula is currently priced at $197. $197 may seem like a lot of money to some people, but it is really affordable considering that it is a one-off payment.

There are no recurring fees as with other online courses. The wealth of information, websites and content you get more than justifies the price.

5. Friendly community

Evergreen Wealthy Formula has a members area where members can interact. Most members use the forum to pose questions to James, which he promptly responds to.

But the community also enables the members to interact and share ideas among themselves.

6. Regular updates

The Evergreen Wealth Formula is regularly updated to ensure the information is evergreen, and yes, the pun is intended.

Since the Evergreen Wealth Formula was launched in 2013, James has made a lot of updates. The updates are also available free of charge.

In fact, it was updated a few times while I was writing my Evergreen Wealth Formula review which proves James’ dedication to the course.

What I didn’t like About The Evergreen Wealth Formula

1. Doesn’t teach SEO

Evergreen Wealth Formula doesn’t teach SEO, and the reason is rather obvious: The course requires you to copy and paste whatever James has already created.

Since your site depends on this copied content, you should not expect to rank in the search engines because Google and Yahoo don’t rank duplicate content.

However, you can argue that Evergreen Wealth Formula focuses on other traffic generation models. Furthermore, although free, some people find SEO marketing to be rather slow and unpredictable.

2. Advanced marketers may get a little frustrated

The course is densely packed with helpful information. It will literally take you hours to go through all the videos.

As a result of this, the Evergreen Wealth Formula was obviously designed with beginners in mind; It provides them with the hand holding they desperately need.

However, more experienced marketers may find it a tad tedious due to how detailed and step by step the Evergreen Wealth Formula is and the more advanced training only starts to appear from the third module onwards.

Is The Evergreen Wealth Formula Worth It?

Yes. Evergreen Wealth Formula is legit. The course packs a lot of helpful information providing you with step by step training on how to create your site, how and where to put your affiliate links and how to generate traffic using automation.

To crown it all, the content for your website is availed to you for free. You don’t have to spend weeks or even months crafting lengthy articles.

With Evergreen Wealth Formula, all you have to do is copy and paste. The steps outlined in the course are actionable and very easy to follow even for beginners with no prior experience.

James also provides one on one email support in case you need any help following the laid out instructions. His response rate is also quite fast.

And not only that, but other people are making money with the Evergreen Wealth Formula program too. Here is some of the many testimonials James has from fellow Evergreen Wealth Formula members:

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review

Evergreen Wealth Formula 

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review Verdict

If you’re looking for a step by step guide on internet marketing, Evergreen Wealth Formula is perfect for you.

Evergreen Wealth formula is a course to beginners who want to succeed in internet marketing and make money online by setting up a fully automated system.




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